The Third Party Investigation reveals the Medical Bill Verification for the Medical experiences which has been submitted on the Court .

The Driver and Claimant verification to identify the clear narration of the incident

The Driving license verification / Extract from the respective authorities .

We Visit to the accident spot and extract the genuinity of the Accident .

We gather and verify the Police documents like FIR , Sketch , Inquest report etc from the respective Police station .

The Vehicle Verification regarding the damages occurred and expenses inquired due to the Accident .

These kind of claims are investigated in a meticulous way so that the claimant and petitioner are verified , the actual loss evaluated and the same submitted with supporting evidences .

The technology plays an important role and the Field officers are meant for this cases separately who can manage and evade through the situations and other barriers from the petitioners.

These kind of claims investigations has helped our clients to manage and reduce the risk of loss to the company

We provide the required compiled detailed report for the MPA / TP cases in a period of around 15 days time to the respective State Manager .

We Ensure that a good success and savings to the company would always be obtained with a ratio of around 40% to 50% always .