Disability verification

The Disability Verification has been carried out to ensure that the person had any disability or not and further the claimant had the disability due to the recent accident or any recent ailment .

The Claimant will be verified and his disability will be ascertained by the recent activities which is carry forward for his survival .

Further to the assessment , a Video recording of his movements and a recent picture of him will be taken for our references and evaluation with the permission of the claimant .

The Disability certificate will be cross checked and verified from the respective authorities and if required the second opinion of the same will be obtained .

These claims are investigated to verify and establish the Percentage of Disability of the claimant.

This includes the Claimant verification and Video recording of the present condition of the Claimant, Disability certificate verification , neighbor verification’s and a thorough vicinity survey..

We provide a detailed analytical study report of the claim to the respective manager with in a TAT of around 10 days with all the possible success ratio.